You were drunk on the idea of love,
And I was drunk on the idea of you,
I was enchanted and repelled by all you had,
You didn’t care enough to see it through.

You looked at me in the way,
Every girl wanted to be seen,
Little did I know behind your eyes,
Was a light so pure; so green.

I wanted you to say you never loved her,
That you wished you were kissing me instead,
But to do so would be unjust and cruel,
A lie is better left unsaid.

I’m holding on so tight,
Afraid to forget, god forbid,
But thats the thing with Daisy,
She doesn’t care, she never did.


Do You Want Me?

Do you want my mouth,

The quick remarks and witty words,

My laugh that you once said,

Was the best sound you’d ever heard,

Do you want my hands,

To roam around and feel,

Discovering all the parts of you,

Trying to make me squeal,

Do you want my eyes,

So you can see all i do,

My version of the world is beautiful,

To have the eyes in which I see you,

Do you want my heart,

To do with as you please,

You can break it, tear it, hold it down,

And bring me to my knees,

I’ll happily give you everything,

I’m at your beckon call,

But the question I do not dare to ask,

Do you even want me at all.


They told her she was a tiger,
It was decreed before she was born,
They said there would be a fire inside her,
That would burn forever more

But her emotions ran too fast and loose,
Not the strong beast she was claimed to be,
There was a warrior deep inside her,
She just didn’t know how to let it free,

They said she was too weak,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
She’ll never make it, they had decided,
How little they did know,

So she found strength in her ability to cry,
Her ability to laugh and scream,
She had a power no others had,
To be content and too live being free.

There’s definitely fire inside that girl,
They later said to me,
It’s just not always burning on the outside,
But sometimes hidden underneath.

Fluorescent Adolescent 

You said ‘tonight we make the memories’,
This is what we’ll be remember for,
If there’s anything left we want to say,
Leave it all out there on the floor,

‘Shut up and dance’ you screamed to me,
Your hand intertwined with my hair,
It’s breaking free and calling back,
Just dancing without a care,

Soon the fire alarms will ring,
Soon we will exit the stage,
The curtain falls for the last time,
Every script has a last page,

When we leave this is what we’ll remember,
So hold me like you’ll never let go,
I lost my breath, my mind, last September
But I found so much more.


She is ethereal,
She had to break but now she shines,
She floats in and out of existence,
Leaving nothing behind,

It is always by her own accord,
Where she goes to stop and begin,
She’ll treat you mean, to keep you keen,
And sometimes she’ll let you in ,

She’s broken but she doesn’t know how,
How much or how far it goes,
She won’t let you repair her,
Too much damaged caused by too many ghosts,

She likes to feel as though she knows
The strangers she walks beside,
She’ll let them in, give them a home,
They’ll even stab her with her very own knife,

She doesn’t mind the life she lives,
She knows how to give and take,
Because she is ethereal,
And she will never break.

An Ode To Mother

I never really said I love you, never quite uttered the word,
And it’s not because I didn’t, or because it went unheard,
I just never could say it, the words got stuck in my throat,
It was like an enormous tide, battering a tiny boat.
But you know that I love you, through actions left unsaid,
Like a certain look in my eye, or when I would bring you tea in bed,
When I would do the washing up without you having to ask,
Or how I’d keep my bedroom clean, a seemingly impossible task.
But now we’re not together, I’m here and you’re over there,
I’ve had to express my love through words, even though it made me scared,
Because you need to know I love you, if it’s the last thing I ever do,
Even if now I can’t express it, the same way I used to.