The Wobble.

I’ve given you too much,
Let you see too much of me,
Because now when I watch you walk away,
You make it hard for me to breath,

I should have played it cool,
Should have been more nonchalant,
Because every time you summon me,
I’ll give you anything you want,

I feel like I know nothing of you,
But I let you see the inside of me,
This is a common occurrence of my past,
You leave me dying and walk away scot-free.



I’m laying flowers at the grave,
Of what we once had,
I’m no longer angry,
I’ll always be sad,

I’m mourning the loss,
Of what was you and me,
When you shot me down,
To set yourself free,

I’m crying for,
The things that we did,
The beautiful memories we made,
And wonderful things that you said,

I’m also crying for the things,
We didnt get to do,
The things we never tried,
The part of me I never showed you,

But all that’s left,
Is a head stone that reads,
‘Here lies the memory,
Of a once you and me’.

Mission Impossible.

Hard to date
Easy to love
The poisonous concoction
That had me wrapped up

Hard to catch
Easy to find
You didn’t tell me this
When you left me behind

Hard to understand
Easy to know
You had me wrapped round your finger
And wouldn’t let go

Hard to date
Harder to forget
I’m praying for the day
You ask me to come back


I left a piece of me at your house
The night I gave you all of me
And I know we haven’t spoken in a while
But I would like it back please

Because I’m leaving soon
I’m going far away
And so I can’t let that piece of me
Be the part of me that stays

Maybe you could send it back
I want to make myself whole again
I liked that you were keeping me around
But it will only hurt me in the end

The Grenade.

You can’t say you saved me
When you’re the one who shot me down
You pulled the trigger
And was no where to be found

You’re saying you sacrificed us
To save me getting hurt
But really all you did
Was watch me getting burnt

I won’t thank you for protecting me
When I know in my heart
That you set off the bomb
That blew us both apart


You ran currents through my veins
And set me alight
I became the beacon of hope
That others flocked to at night

I don’t know who was too powerful
Whether it was you or me
Either way I got burned
And you got off scot-free

Now I’m trying to light myself
Trying to reconnect the wires
Because those of us who shine the most
Have to light our own fires



It 2am
You’re walking me home
There’s frost on the cars
There’s frost across the road

I can see your breath
You can see my heart
You eyes are staring into me
As if to look away you would fall apart

There’s one last kiss
Before I leave
And maybe your bed sheets
Smell like me