Navy Blue.

I keep going back to relive this

moment in my head

it’s four in the morning

and we’re lying in my bed

we’re face to face

your hands are up and down my back

and you’re telling me

you dont want to get too attached.


I don’t know her.

I look back on our time together
And I have to ask
Who was that girl who loved you?

She looks like me
She talks like me
But she’s not

She is enthralled by you
Hanging on everything you say
You had her in the palm of your hand
And you broke her

But I am not broken
I am whole

So I look at this girl from two months ago
And I don’t know who she is
Weak and sad and crying
She wrote poems for you
And maybe she has now lost her muse

Though this be the last pain that she makes me suffer
And these the last verses that I write for her

The Next Girl.

the next girl
just make sure she’s good enough for you
I couldn’t bare the thought of being replaced by someone
who doesn’t know your birthday
or take notice of what you wear
doesn’t do a little happy dance after each date
someone who doesn’t appreciate your laugh
doesn’t memorise the colour of your eyes
or the way that you kiss
or the touch of your hands
because thats what you deserve
and I tried I really did
but if I’m not the one to do those things
make sure you find the person that does


You’ve got me on your hook,
I’m not sure if you know,
You didn’t do it on purpose,
But I’m trying so hard to left myself go,

See you left the door slightly open,
When you walked out,
And even though you left me broken,
You’re the only one I can think about,

I promise myself I won’t go back,
That I will be stronger this time,
But then you call my name,
And I’m right there by your side.


Sometimes you’re at my door
You’re stood out in the rain
Saying that you want me back
And that we should try again

Sometimes we’re in a club
We’re both a little drunk
We kiss when we know we shouldn’t
And you realise I’m everything you want

Sometimes we’re both angry
Screaming the words left unsaid
Then that anger turns to lust
As you take me to your bed

Sometimes it’s just a text
A simple message that reads
‘Are you free tonight?
You’re exactly what I need’

But every time I realise
It’s all just in my head
You’re never coming back for me
You’re probably with another girl instead