An Ode To Mother

I never really said I love you, never quite uttered the word,
And it’s not because I didn’t, or because it went unheard,
I just never could say it, the words got stuck in my throat,
It was like an enormous tide, battering a tiny boat.
But you know that I love you, through actions left unsaid,
Like a certain look in my eye, or when I would bring you tea in bed,
When I would do the washing up without you having to ask,
Or how I’d keep my bedroom clean, a seemingly impossible task.
But now we’re not together, I’m here and you’re over there,
I’ve had to express my love through words, even though it made me scared,
Because you need to know I love you, if it’s the last thing I ever do,
Even if now I can’t express it, the same way I used to.


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